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The Ultimate Guide to Texas Pardons


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  • Step by Step Guide to Completing Your Pardon Application.
  • Learn the SECRETS to “Hack” your pardon application by applying our shortcuts in getting the information you need.
  • All the Law You will Need to know to Get a Texas Pardon.
  • BONUS CHAPTERS on alternative ways to clear your Texas Record.
  • Special Insider Tips from Ex Pardon Board Members
  • Detailed Explanations Regarding Criminal Records.  Who has them and when can they be used?
  • FORMS, FORMS, and More FORMS.  A complete set of Pardon Applications, Form Letters, Record Requests and MORE. 
  • Have EVERYTHING you at Your Fingertips.  Save you endless hours searching and wondering about what you need and where to get it. 
  • Eliminate Costly Mistakes that Will Lead to an Automatic DENIAL.
  • How to Get What You Need FAST!
  • Submit Your Applications Correctly, the FIRST TIME. 
  • Guide contains Advice Gained from over a Decade of Experience. 
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Download Our Ultimate Pardon Guide and Get Started Today!

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Our Guide Covers the Following Extensively and More

  • Over 900 pages of Useful Information to Help You Get a Pardon.
  • Detailed Explanations of Criminal Records and the Texas Criminal Record Recording System;
    • Who Has Access to Your Record; and
    • When can it be used against you.
  • Learn the Basic Anatomy of a Texas Criminal Cases;
    • This guide will aid you in  understanding your criminal case, navigating the pardon process and understanding the terminology you need to submit your application.
  • Alternative Ways to Clear Your Criminal Records
    • Detailed Explanations of Expungements and Non-Disclosures;
    • Determine your Eligibility for any of the Alternative Ways to Clear Your Record.
  • Detailed Explanations of Pardons
    • What is a Pardon?
    • Why do I want a Pardon and What Can it Do for You?
    • Detailed Explanations of all Types of Pardons;
    • Who Is Eligible to File a Pardon?
    • Who should File a Pardon?
    • Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts, and Hacks in Submitting your Application.
  • How to Easily Gather all the Documents Required to Submit you Pardon.
    • Tip and Shortcuts to get Your Documents.
  • Detailed Analysis of how to Complete Every Section of Your Application.
  • PLUS a Full Appendix;
    • Every form You will Ever Need;
    • Complete Glossary of all the Terms Used;
    • Complete Contact Information of any Agency you would Need to Contact.

Download Our Ultimate Pardon Guide and Get Started Today!

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We have spend years listening to individuals with criminal mistakes in their past denied jobs, promotion, places to live, and denied permission to coach their children’s sports team over a past mistake where they have served their punishment to society.  They are desperate and trapped by their past.

We are only able to help a handful of people every year.  However, we have developed this guide to make this knowledge available to everyone.  This guide will walk you through every step of the process and simplify each step for you.

Now that criminal records are public information available to small business as well as curious housewives. These mistakes can have a profound effect on everything in your life.   Even worse, many people live with the dark secret of their past.  Worried everyday that their family, friends or job won’t discover their past mistake.

Apply Now!  No time is like the present!   The information contained in our guide can take months off getting your application submitted.  Gain access to the insider knowledge we have developed over years of submitting Texas Pardons.  If you are ready start the process of removing this black mark from your life and living a life free from consequences of your criminal record you need to ACT NOW. Are you Ready for A Better Life?

Download Our Ultimate Pardon Guide and Get Started Today!

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