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Our Fees

Our Legal Fees for Associated Services


We disclose upfront how much we charge. There are no hidden fees or surprises.  You can always find someone who is willing to do it cheaper but if you are looking for a reputable firm who will follow through with their promises then you are in the right place.  We are not the cheapest nor do we intend to be.

You take as long as you like to think it over and decide if it’s what you want to do. If so, just shoot us an email or give us a call and let us know. We’ll start your case immediately.

Lastly, the whole amount does not have to be paid all at once we offer affordable payment plans on most of our services.

Complimentary Eligibility Consultations

You provide us with the necessary detail regarding your case or cases and we will determine if you are eligible for one of our record clearing services.

Please note you will need to have sufficient details regarding your case to receive an accurate consultation.

Fee – Free

Comprehensive Criminal Record Audit

This service includes the following:

  • Complete Background Report Audit from the Leading Background Check Services;
  • Record Research from Governmental Websites – Includes County websites, Sheriff Office Websites, Book in and Bond Information, and Texas Department of Public Safety Records;
  • Find out exactly what’s on your record and what details about your case are available to the public;
  • We will get  a copy of your court paperwork so you will have it for your records;
  • Online Mugshot Search – We search the leading mugshot sites to see if you mugshot is being published online;
  • Online Reputation Analysis – We conclude a thorough online reputation analysis to determine what’s available online in reference to your criminal record;
  • We notify any agency if they are incorrectly reporting details regarding your case;
  • We conduct a thorough eligibility analysis for each case to determine whether it is eligible to be expunged or non-disclosed;
  • Receive a comprehensive report; and
  • Receive a consultation from one of our Attorneys to discuss your record.


Fee – $250.00.

Criminal Record Repair Services

Do you have a case that is not eligible for an expunction and non-disclosure?  This service can help you minimize the effects your record is having on your future.

You will receive all of the following services:

  • We will remove your record from the 25 leading criminal background check databases;
  • These sites account for more than 25 million background searches a month.


Fee –  $500.00

Expungements and Non-Disclosures 

Expungement / Non-Disclosure Basic Package$1,750.00 Total

  • Payment Plans of $250 or $500 a month;
  • Money-Back Guarantee;
  • Access to Your Case File Online (24/7);
  • Record Research;
  • Pay all fees associated with obtaining court records;
  • Prepare Motion;
  • File Motion with Court;
  • Pay Filing Fees;
  • Prepare Responses to any Objections;
  • Attend Court Hearing; and 
  • Obtain a Certified Copy of an Order on Motion.
  • All services contained in the Basic Package plus;
  • Prepare a Letter for Prospective Employers – Explaining that we represent you and that you are eligible to have your record sealed so any negative items on your background should be disregarded;
  • We provide notice of your court order to the leading online criminal history databases to ensure timely up to date accurate reporting;
  • We provide notice of your court order to over 700 Online Mugshot sites to remove any information concerning your case; and
  • Provide continuing legal support.  If your case ever is being reported in violation of the court’s order we obtained on your behalf, then we will prepare the cease and desist to remove your record.



THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO TEXAS PARDONS:         Available for Immediate Download for Only $19.99

Buy our comprehensive guide to getting a Texas Pardon.  Over 900 pages of material to assist you in filing a pardon.   We Guarantee this is the most authoritative treatise on Texas Pardons or your money back.  GUARANTEED.


Get our comprehensive Guide to Texas Pardons.  Plus, have our experienced Texas Pardon Attorneys evaluate your case and your criminal to determine if you are eligible for an expunction, non-disclosure, and pardon.   The attorney research the facts surrounding each of your cases and then interview you. Then receive a half-hour consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss the process, the likelihood of success, and answer any of your questions.


If after we evaluate your case and we agree to represent you, then we will complete your pardon application, submit it for approval, and then if successful expunge your record. (Filing Fee not Included).  Pardon fees can vary widely but fees typically range from $5,000 – $10,000.

We do accept payment plans.

Early Probation Termination

Fee – $2,500