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March 01, 2015

The Comprehensive Guide Contains Everything You Need to 

Prepare and File Your Texas Pardon


  • Over 900 pages of Easy to Understand “How to”, “Real-life” Information;book (2)
  • What you Need to know to Get Your Application Accepted – First Time;
  • Inside Information – That will Increase Your Odds;
  • Detailed Explanations of how to Complete Each Section of the Application;
  • FORMS, FORMS, and MORE FORMS to help you gather in Information you Need;
  • Contains explanations of Shortcuts to get your Application Complete FASTER;
  • BONUS:  Also contains detailed explanations of Texas Expungements and Non-Disclosures.
  • Provides Detailed Explanations Regarding Criminal Records
  • Presents a Complete Set of Pardon Applications, Form   Letters, Record Requests, and MORE
  • Have EVERYTHING Right at Your Fingertips – Saves You Endless   Hours of Research and Frustration
  • Eliminates Costly Mistakes that Lead to Automatic DENIALS
  • Explains How to Get What YOU Need FAST!
  •  Helps You Get it Right, the FIRST TIME
  •  Provides Legally Sound Advice Collected Over a Decade of   Experience
  •  100% Money Back Guaranteed.


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Our Guide Contains the Following Information on Texas Pardons


Chapter 1: Introduction

Thoughts on Forgiveness by Forward Thinkers
A Moments Indiscretion Ruins a Lifetime of Opportunity
What is a Pardon?
Criminal Records 
Other Alternatives to Clearing Your Criminal Record

Chapter 2: Criminal Records

Consequences of a Criminal Record
Criminal Background Checks
The Internet Changed Everything
Are Criminal Records Every Automatically Erased?
How Long Can My Criminal Record Be Used?
Texas State Criminal Record Information System 
Incorrect Information Reported by DPS
Agencies that also Report Criminal History Information
Commercial Background Check Companies
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Credit Reports

Chapter 3: Anatomy of a Texas Criminal Case

How Are Criminal Offenses Classified
Common Misdemeanors
Common Felonies
What Happens After a Crime is Committed?
Under What Circumstances is an Arrest Made
What are the Rights of the Person Arrested?
How is a Criminal Prosecution Initiated?
Procedures Before Trial?
How are Criminal Cases Resolved?
Typical Misdemeanor and Felony Case Flow
What are the Places of Confinement?
What is Community Supervision?
What is an Appeal?
What is Parole?
Are Juveniles Treated Differently?
Are Court Proceedings Open to the Public?
What Courts Handle Criminal Cases?

Chapter 4: Clearing Your Texas Criminal Record

What is an Expungement?
What Records can be Expunged?
Expungement Waiting Periods 
What is a Petition for Non-Disclosure 
What Records can be Sealed (Non-Disclosed)?  
What Records can NOT be Sealed (Non-Disclosed)? 
State Agencies that still have Access to Sealed Records?
Legal Effect of a Non-Disclosure Order?

Chapter 5: Pardons

What is a Pardon? 
Why do I want a Pardon? 
Different Types of Pardons
Full Pardon 
Conditional Pardons 
Pardons Based on Innocence
Commutation of a Sentence
Who can Pardon my Offense?
Board of Pardon and Paroles
How to Request a Pardon
Given the Statistics is it Even Worth Applying?

Chapter 6: Gathering Your Records

Research Basic Information Regarding Your Case
Getting Your Official Criminal History Statement
Getting the Required Court Records for Your Application
Getting an Official Criminal History Report
Reference Letters
The Importance of Following Up
What Happens if You Can’t Get Certain Records

Chapter 7: Completing Your Application

What Type of Pardon do I Request?
Completing Section A: Background Information
Completing Section B: Current and Past Addresses
Completing Section C: Employment
Completing Section D: Status
Completing Section E: Justification
Completing Section F: Certification
Completing the Criminal History Information
Final Notes

Chapter 8: Submitting Your Application

Chapter 9: Conclusion

Appendix of Resources

Pardon Applications

Full Pardon Application
Full Pardon – Deferred Adjudication No Other Arrests
Full Pardon – Deferred Adjudication Other Arrests No Conviction
Emergency Medical Reprieve Application
Commutation of Sentence Application
Reprieve for Family Emergency Application
Pardon for Innocence Application
Capital Case Clemency Applications – Rule 143.42 / 143.57
Remission for Bond Forfeiture
Remission of Fine
Restoration of Civil Rights of a Federal or Military Offense
Restoration of Civil Rights of an Offense of Another Country
Restoration of Driver’s License
Restoration of Firearm Rights

Texas Statutes Related to Expunctions, Non-Disclosures, Criminal Records, and Pardons

Texas Pardon Statute – Administrative Code Chapter 143
Expunction Statute
Non-Disclosure Statute


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